Prevent cracking

Author: Perfection Toolboxes  Date Posted:1 October 2019 

Aluminium tool boxes and canopies in these days are most appropriate storage solutions for Ute, truck, trailer. Have great advantage that never rust and light weight. However, same as everything there is advantage and disadvantage. The common things for aluminium tool boxes and canopies is crack on corners and small welding areas.

We make sure we built durable products use best strategy to avoild cracking from the weak points. Such as corners.

However to avoid carcking, there are a few things need to be aware of before purchase:

- Proper installation.

- Proper way to use and maintenance.

- Highly recommend use rubber mat to reduce viberation.

- Bolt it on the tray avoid corners.

- Avoid difficult inclined off road.

Please also refer to our product warranty page.

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